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You may use CodeCracker in two ways: as an analyzer library that you install with Nuget into your project or as a Visual Studio extension. The way you want to use it depends on the scenario you are working on. You most likely want the Nuget package.

If you want the analyzers to work during your build, and generate warnings and errors during the build, also on build servers, then you want to use the Nuget package. The package is available on nuget (C#, VB). If you want to be able to configure which analyzers are being used in your project, and which ones you will ignore, and commit those changes to source control and share with your team, then you also want the Nuget package.

To install from Nuget, for the C# version:

Install-Package CodeCracker.CSharp

Or for the Visual Basic version:

Install-Package CodeCracker.VisualBasic

Or use the Package Manager in Visual Studio.

There is also a version for both named CodeCracker only, but it makes not sense to get it, you should search for the C# or VB version.

If you want the alpha builds that build on each push to the repo, add to your nuget feed. We only push complete releases to, and commit builds go to

If you want global analyzers that will work on every project you open in Visual Studio, then you want the Extension. Grab the extension at the Visual Studio Extensions Gallery (C#, VB).