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19 August 2015

We have released today the second release candidate, version 1.0.0-rc2. This release is targeting Roslyn 1.0 and Visual Studio 2015 RTM.


  • 68 Analyzers in C#, 65 Code fixes, 3 Fix all
  • 23 Analyzers in VB, 18 Code fixes
  • 1543 tests
  • 91% code coverage

Known issues:

  • #293 Incorrect diagnostic on NoPrivateReadonlyFieldAnalyzer (CC0074)

The above analyzer is disabled by default, you need to enable it to be able to use it.

As usual, you should go to Nuget (C#, VB) to get the packages or download the extension on the Visual Studio Extensions Gallery (C#, VB).

For a list of what worked on see the corresponding milestone.

Post by Giovanni Bassi

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