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01 February 2015

We have released yesterday our third alpha, version 1.0.0-alpha3. This is the first release that includes Visual Basic analyzers. CodeCracker has also been updated to support Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5 and the Roslyn APIs.


  • 52 total Analyzers in C# (17 new)
  • 8 total Analyzers in VB (all new)
  • 724 tests
  • 89% code coverage

New analyzers/code fixes:



  • StringBuilderInLoop


  • AllowMembersOrdering StyleCop
  • ParameterRefactory
  • StringType


  • UseConfigureAwaitFalse


  • ConvertLambdaExpressionToMethodGroup
  • InterfaceName
  • RemoveTrailingWhitespace
  • TaskNameAsync


  • AbstractClassShouldNotHavePublicCtors
  • DisposableFieldNotDisposed
  • DisposableVariableNotDisposed
  • IPAddress
  • JsonNet
  • ReadonlyField
  • UnusedParameters
  • Uri



  • CatchEmpty
  • EmptyCatchBlock
  • NameOf
  • StaticConstructorException


  • MakeLocalVariableConstWhenPossible
  • RemoveWhereWhenItIsPossible
  • SealedAttribute
  • StringBuilderInLoop

Other updates

  • Analyzing CoreFx and Mono Cecil on server build as an end to end test to prevent bugs
  • Using psake to build
  • Using appveyor.yml to build
  • Concentrating diagnostic ids on a single project file that will later be shared between VB and C#

Known issues:

  • #192 Null Reference on ConvertToExpressionBodiedMemberAnalyzer
  • #95 Several small problems on DisposablesShouldCallSuppressFinalizeAnalyzer

All the above analyzers are disabled by default, you need to enable them to be able to use them.

As usual, you should go to Nuget (C#, VB) to get the packages or download the extension on the Visual Studio Extensions Gallery (C#, VB).

Post by Giovanni Bassi

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